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SYNTHESIS - wind sculpture

Project Name: 2000 S. Delaware Street ProjectLocation: San Mateo, CA

Year Completed: 2015

Commissioned by Westlake Urban and Mid-Pen Housing


Type: Private Art Commission

Budget: $100,000.

Material: Stainless Steel,

                 Powdercoated Steel

Size: 8'w x 8'd x 20'h

Objective: to create public art that celebrates the diverse local community living and working together and at the same time establish a unique landmark visible from the distance, with a night time presence and interactive with viewers.


Artistic Idea: Each layer with six pod (or leaf) like shapes moves with the wind in opposite directions. It represents the tall Oak trees that the first Spanish settlers saw as they came into the San Mateo valley, standing majestically against the wind. The unique movement of each layer creates beautiful visual patterns when seen as a whole. We titled the sculpture "Synthesis" to symbolize a multi-cultural society harmoniously working together while maintaining their unique individuality.


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