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Our approach to all of our public art projects is to create artworks that are derived from and specific to the environment where they are located. Our design process starts with understanding the historical and cultural significance of the site and its current use by the surrounding community, with a special interest in the relationship between the past and the future.


Public art is always an exercise in problem solving, one that involves people with different aesthetics and backgrounds. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring these differing opinions together. From the design phase through to the final installation, we work closely with art commissioners and the public. We listen to their criteria, goals, public input and any other requirements to create something that is truly a public work of art.


For private projects, we communicate with our clients to ensure we design artworks that meet their aesthetic needs within their budget. While respecting the scope of the project, we look for ways to expand the visual horizon and challenge our creative boundaries.



Jonathan Russell
Jonathan Russell

Jonathan Russell grew up in the Boston area and graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art, majoring in sculpture. After traveling extensively in Europe, he moved to the Bay Area and established his art studio, Red Metal Arts, in San Francisco. He founded and operated JR Casting Co. and has been teaching sculpture classes at Academy of Art University in San Francisco for more than 10 years. 


He has worked on many large-scale public and private commissions. He works closely with city and commissioning agents to keep our projects within budget and on schedule. His extensive knowledge of materials and the technical aspects of problem solving guarantee safe and maintenance free artworks. 


Saori Ide Russell
Saori Ide Russell

Saori Ide Russell, born in Japan, graduated from the University of New Mexico with an emphasis on sculpture and installation art. After finishing her studies, she moved to San Francisco. In addition to her own studio work, she founded Saori Russell Fine Art consulting company where she works with designers, architects, and property owners. Her professional work includes conceptual design, reading blue prints, presentation, budgeting, and overseeing and managing projects.


As a principle art director at Ride Art Studio, she brings her expertise in project management and her unique sense of space and design to create artworks from concept to completion. 


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