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GUIDING LIGHT - wind sculpture

Project Name: Westminster RTD Station Public Art

Location: Westminster, CO

Year Completed: May, 2018

Commissioned by The North Metro Arts Alliance

Type: Public Art Commission

Budget: $85,000.

Material: Stainless Steel, Powdercoated Stainless Steel

Size: 6'w x 6'd x 20'h

Concept: "Guiding Light" is a 20 ft. high landmark kinetic sculpture installed at the east end of the Westminster RTD Station Plaza. Two outer stainless steel forms move with the wind in one direction while the inner colorful diamond shaped forms move in the opposite direction. This creates an overall effect of a flickering candle. Like a lighthouse at sea, this monumental sculpture symbolizes a guiding light, welcoming travelers and visitors to the City of Westminster and ushering them on to safe journeys.


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